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Scope of Service Experience

My approach to business is to focus on relationships. I believe in always providing excellent customer service, by staying abreast of all the current industry knowledge, finding solutions and reaching out to our extensive network of professionals who will ensure all transactions are executed in an expedient and satisfactory manner. I am available to assist with all real estate matters. I am grateful to work in a dynamic industry that I love, in which I can serve El Paso, and expand our network and clientele base. 

Background & Experience

Thank you for wanting to learn more about me, my name is Noe Moreno. I am a proud El Paso native, and am here to facilitate real estate and finance transactions, while simultaneously acting as a resource to our community regarding all aspects of the real estate industry. I specialize in investment real estate and hard money loans. I am passionate about serving my city, as a bilingual and bicultural person, I am excited to actively participate in El Paso’s renaissance and growth. My awareness and passion for real estate investment began at a young age, while my father and I visited the small homes he purchased with savings from his job at Southern Pacific. My father continued to invest in real estate, buying land and other homes to rent. I realized then, that real estate is an investment that held value, and even with a modest income, people can slowly grow their assets and create wealth. 


My career in finance began 14 years ago, where I started as a loan officer in Tempe, AZ. After 4 years in the business, I moved back to El Paso, to support my family, when my mother suffered a stroke. I am happy to say that my mother is still with us. During the economic downturn, I managed a restaurant and worked construction with a developer, always knowing I wanted to go back to my career in real estate and finance. Thus when the option arose for me to join NAI El Paso, I immediately embraced the opportunity.

Upon starting with NAI El Paso, I learned of the many facets in commercial and investment real estate. I chose to dedicate my energy to specializing on commercial and hard money financing. I began to find investment and commercial real estate for investors, such as hotels, apartment units, and mobile home parks, while still serving clients with financing options, such as refinancing existing loans, financing of purchases and the origination of first lien notes.